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Hi – its Alex – though its hareder for me to make meetings and the Zoom sessions obviously Im proud to have been involved in Therapiece Cwt since the early days – this is my new project – its a bit different to Therapiece Cwt its really a notice board – plain and simple – for local information and resources.

Suffolk Wellness Lifestyle Mental Health

@SuffolkWellness is conceived as a notice board really. Lots of needs…lots of resources…really excellent stuff often for little or no cost…and much beyond the NHS system….just often don’t seem to end up in the same place.

The plan is to have as many posts from as many people…from as many backgrounds and traditions as possible….focusing on information, events and then signposting and linking on to other resources.

This page is intended to ‘mutate’ and become whatever people find useful. It can stretch geographically – but Im in Felixstowe so if it stretches…it will have to be others who provide the info.

For the purposes of this page we will be delighted to list Norwich, Yarmouth, Cambridge and Colchester based events and services.

If you want something like this in your geographical area – either copy anything you like – obviously copy linked to remains property of whoever it is created by – or I will clone the page and hand it over to you for free for you to customise, personalise it to you and do anything you wish.

Just cant stand people suffering unecessairily…its often not how hard it is to sort things out but how much people suffer for relatively simple information and support…if it helps one person…

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