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Therapiece is an affordable online platform harnessing the therapeutic experience of creative writing in small groups.  Based on a peer-to-peer model it is a safe, non-judgemental space for reflection and self-expression.

Writing can be a very powerful practice for enhancing emotional and mental wellbeing, offering the opportunity to explore and express thoughts and feelings, tap into a creative well of ideas and allow new and surprising perspectives to emerge.

Being part of a group fosters a deeper connection with others through shared experiences, reduces feelings of loneliness and opens us up to new expectations of what is possible.  Not being judged by others brings a greater self-acceptance, and a release of outdated beliefs that may not have been serving us.

Hearing others’ stories and viewpoints allows a greater receptivity to one’s own challenges or questions, and allows for solutions or possibilities that may have previously eluded us. The structure of a Therapiece session means that you have time alone to reflect within and write, together with the opportunity to share with others.  You decide how you write, what you write, whether and how much you share.  Being able to express your innermost thoughts and feelings, and being fully heard within a small intimate group can be a remarkably empowering experience, opening us up to a greater openness of our strengths and vulnerabilities.

Whether you’ve been writing for years or are a complete beginner, you can’t do it wrong.  Through story-telling, metaphor, poetry or stream of consciousness we can all access a greater wisdom within and tap into a magical world of insight and imagination.  A session may include laughter or tears, it can be both enjoyable and challenging, thought provoking or relaxing, but you will always come away feeling that you have benefitted or changed in some way.  Whatever drew you here – whether pain, loss, life changes, or uncertainty – you will find support to help you through what you are facing.

Therapiece is a journey with others in your group that results in wellbeing and fulfilment. What you bring with you forms a part of the whole – be listened to in your time; listen to others in theirs. You are not on your own – you will be an individual in a small group with a voice.

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