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What is Therapiece in a short Video

Written Testimonials 

Wakako: The first time, I joined the Therapiece Art “Pilot”, I was totally relaxed and enjoyed it from deep down in my mind because it is never asking for skills. I’ve joined twice so far, one time was doing drawing in 2D, another time we did 3D sculpture with nice soft texture clay.

I haven’t done art for ages, so I felt so satisfactory when I was absolutely into being creative for something which really connected at the moment of my emotion.  By visualising into a creation, can share my feelings more clearly with others during the session and discover unique perspectives which I would never realise on my own. But also I can resonate with friends’ arts and aspects which often widen my imagination and gives me new sights in some way.

At the end of each meeting, it brings me light hearted as well as enables building my confidence to interact in the group. 5-Apr-22

Sue: Did my first session on Therapiece …really really good. Surprised me as I wouldn’t say I’m a writer. To give myself writing space gave me freedom to explore…a feeling if connection & joy.

I’m doing a monthly Zoom Therapeice Group. Thank you Therapiece for this inspired concept and for making it happen. 29-Jan-20

Caroli: Whether I follow the prompts, write stream of consciousness, or describe what’s on my mind, what I love most about Therapiece sessions is that I always feel different afterwards –  lighter, less burdened, just changed in some way, as if I’ve let go of something.

When I start writing, I usually have no idea of what will emerge, and am often surprised at what comes out, material that I can reflect on later in my own time and perhaps explore further.

Everyone brings, and takes, different things from Therapiece.  For me the process is more important than what I produce, because it seems to bypass my mind and accesses a place that seems more authentic and heartfelt, and which tends to get overlooked in the course of daily life.

Expressing how I feel, and being heard, in a safe environment, has boosted my self confidence, and attending regularly has increased my imagination and creativity. 3-Mar-20

David: Therapiece came along and did not fill a void, it did not hurt me, it did not do my head in. It opened a moment, it crossed a boundary, it gave me a purpose. When I think of how I wrote before Therapiece I think I was a dictatorial writer. Now I write because I want to share the result, and that those I share the result with, be pleased. 4-Mar-20