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Views on Therapiece

Sue: Did my first session on Therapiece …really really good. Surprised me as I wouldn’t say I’m a writer. To give myself writing space gave me freedom to explore…a feeling if connection & joy.

I’m doing a monthly Zoom Therapeice Group. Thank you Therapiece for this inspired concept and for making it happen. 29-Jan-20

Carol: Whether I follow the prompts, write stream of consciousness, or describe what’s on my mind, what I love most about Therapiece sessions is that I always feel different afterwards –  lighter, less burdened, just changed in some way, as if I’ve let go of something.

When I start writing, I usually have no idea of what will emerge, and am often surprised at what comes out, material that I can reflect on later in my own time and perhaps explore further.

Everyone brings, and takes, different things from Therapiece.  For me the process is more important than what I produce, because it seems to bypass my mind and accesses a place that seems more authentic and heartfelt, and which tends to get overlooked in the course of daily life.

Expressing how I feel, and being heard, in a safe environment, has boosted my self confidence, and attending regularly has increased my imagination and creativity. 3-Mar-20

David: Therapiece came along and did not fill a void, it did not hurt me, it did not do my head in. It opened a moment, it crossed a boundary, it gave me a purpose. When I think of how I wrote before Therapiece I think I was a dictatorial writer. Now I write because I want to share the result, and that those I share the result with, be pleased. 4-Mar-20