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Terms and Conditions

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You can access a printable version of this here PDF version of T&C and GDPR

Therapiece: Terms & Conditions and Safeguarding Policy

These terms and conditions outline the rules for the use of Therapiece located at www.therapiece.org. This website operates to facilitate the Aims and Objectives of Therapiece and ensure the Ethos of Therapiece is followed by all its members.  The idea is to use an App developed by a charity to support all those who join.  By using the TherapieceApp you are agreeing to these principles.

Therapiece is a project aimed at encouraging creativity within a therapeutic framework. Based on peer-to-peer principles, equal time and author in charge, it is geared to helping people meet their emotional needs and strengthen their human resources. One of the principle concepts is trust through the maintenance of small groups. 

When you join Therapiece you join the Friends of Therapiece charity (the Charity). – if you are a resident of the UK then you join the UK charity. Please see our privacy policy on how your information is kept and used. The Therapiece.org website is run by the Charity who are governed by the Charity’s constitution.

All payments to the Charity are donations. As of June 2020 the suggested donation is £3 per month but this will be revised from time to time and published here. If you are not able to donate at this level then we will try to find alternative funding. The objective is to cover all internet meetings and website running costs from the member donations. Donations made to the charity are non-refundable. Members are also encouraged to contribute through volunteering for the Charity.

As a Member of Therapiece you will gain access to the TherapieceApp – used by the coordinators of the groups within Therapiece to hold regular meetings. Most groups will meet twice a month and there is also an option to join Just Write which is a group open to all members. Currently there is not a limit to the number of groups or members.

The TherapieceApp and website does not provide any other service than to facilitate these meetings and provide the internet meeting method (currently through Zoom). Those that meet in a physical location will pay for the room hire in addition to the £3 pm.


Therapiece has developed the following safeguarding policy and if you join Therapiece you must ensure it is followed:-

1) A self-based assessment of wellness in particular based on the level of your attention.
2) Support from assessment by peers in the member’s group through the meeting feedback – in particular asking if the Ethos was followed – this opportunity should be in every closing circle.
3) Action through leaving a meeting and/or taking a break from Therapiece if you feel our safeguarding policy has not been followed.
4) For every meeting there will be optional feedback on the TherapieceApp – this should include a specific question about safeguarding – “Was the Therapiece Safeguarding Policy followed?” §

NB: § Until this is in place please send an email to the.team@therapiece.org

The Trustees of the Friends of Therapiece will review all optional feedback and consult with the membership if any additional action is required. In this process the member will be informed. If a member requests to move to a new group the  Co-ordinators of the groups will facilitate this.

Version 2 Jun 2020