Therapiece in June 2020

I have been anxious about putting out too many emails/blogs about Therapiece but I feel the time is right to mention a few things.

We have made a video to give people an idea of Therapiece and how it works. It is clear that in its current form it is not suited to everyone but we want to focus on the creative writing version first. The video is under eight minutes and it would be good if you have the time to watch it on YouTube:-

Introduction – What is Therapiece

In mid-April we had a Zoom meeting of most of the Therapiece members and decided that it was best to create a UK Charity called Friends of Therapiece to fund the development of the TherapieceApp (currently a web App). Registering this Charity is well under way and the first version of the App is starting on its initial rollout.

Therapiece is about people, their emotions and their creativity – the App is there to help run the peer-to-peer nature of Therapiece so that small groups of three to six people can get together – taking it in turns to provide a creative stimulus which other peers can ignore if they wish! But they may be prompted to create and release emotions in writing in the moment. I believe Therapiece is scalable and will also be a vehicle for other creative forms in the future. Therapiece has grown in numbers in 2020 at a manageable rate, however I’m glad the App will be taking on some of the load of organising the meetings.

I firmly believe that creativity and emotional wellbeing go hand in hand and if you agree then Therapiece might be for you. Word of mouth – some via social media – seems the most effective way for people to join Therapiece. People have joined mainly from the UK so far.

On a personal note – about a month after I self-published Aipotu in 2018 I started on my second novel which has the working title Emit, set at the other end of time (we are still very much at the beginning). It looks at philosophy in a different way to Aipotu. My website has changed providers and needs more work. But I have written an 11,000 word framework/synopsis for Emit. I’m looking for fundraising ideas for Therapiece and was wondering if a Patron/Sponsorship thing might work – so please let me know if you would like to support Therapiece either by sponsoring me or by sharing your own creative endeavours.

There is no tee-shirt but do watch the film and please support the cause.

Please take a look at the website too as there are changes to reflect the Charity, a Safeguarding policy and donate button.

If you have any questions please let me know.



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