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Therapiece is a peer support project which comes from two main routes:-
1) Therapeutic Creative Writing.
2) Co-counselling.
The combination of these two elements leads to exploring creative writing in a group environment on the following basis:-
• Equal time for each author.
• Author is in charge of discussion of their writing.
• The Author decides if they want interventions in the discussion.
• Peer support structure – free attention, interventions are non-judgemental and support the author’s writing but can ask what is going on for the author

Therapiece has a website which is being developed. The founding group of Therapiece co-created the framework that Therapiece is based on.

IT and the Internet are a key resource both in terms of the Web site and also used for 50% or more of the meetings which are Videoconference meetings. Active links are being developed so that Social Media like Facebook and others can be used to keep the Website dynamic and relevant to those following Therapiece.

The aim for this approach is to reach vulnerable people who are wanting to explore the therapeutic nature of expression through words. Wellness of each person is important aspect of the group and trust helps ensure the overall wellbeing and safety in the meetings.

Visit the website at:-

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