Simon – Zooms


I was zooming along looking after my own life as a gliding travellator (anti-gravity skate board) when something stopped me – it was a sort of deceleration, a blur backwards. I turned in to a jelly fish and felt a punch hit me in a very sensitive part of my anatomy it was like I had exploded and bits of jelly were splattered all around. Gradually making use of mind over matter I managed to scrape myself together and I found I was a cat and able to lick my wounds and I slunk away and hid for a while until I could feel the hairs on my back standing up and I was ready to defend myself to the death – or a fate worse than death whatever that is. I tried out a couple of hisses and bared my teeth. I felt a bit better.

Gradually I began to see that would not do at all – not be helpful and slowly I flowed in to a comfortable cushion seat to support my daughter as best I could.